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Tracking your in-house plan isn’t easy. Planrise gives your dental practice the tools to easily organize, manage, and grow your revenue stream.

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Don’t fall victim to 15% patient churn.

Use our growth calculator to calculate revenue based on your current members, new members, and average yearly revenue.
How many members do you currently have?
How many new members do you gain per month?
What is your average annual revenue per member?

Choose the option that’s best for your office.


Great for offices trying to organize and track in-house plans.
  • Revenue: monthly & yearly
  • Member headcount & breakdown
  • Renewal notifications
  • Revenue growth calculator
  • Membership templates


Tailored for multi-location offices.

We offer custom solutions for group offices and DSOs. Contact sales to get started with a free consultation and demo.

Patient relationship management software built by dental professionals, for dental professionals.

Steady revenue
Patient retention
Higher sale prices
Move beyond insurance
Simple & clear
Reduce no-shows
images descriptionSteady revenue

Our free dashboard tracks your historical revenue and projected revenue, as well as production by plan. Never again doubt how much your in-house plan is earning for your business!

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images descriptionPatient retention

We’ll notify you through your dashboard and via email when patients’ plans are approaching renewal.

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images descriptionHigher sale prices

Companies with a strong subscription base and recurring revenue generally have increased valuations, and are increasingly attractive to buyers. We’ll help you set monthly and yearly revenue goals, and receive updates on your progress.

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images descriptionMove beyond insurance

Our robust membership tracking system shows you how moving away from insurance companies can be both easy and profitable.

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images descriptionSimple & transparent

Your Planrise dashboard is intentional, informative, and simple to use, to help your team succeed.

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images descriptionReduce no-shows

See for yourself the true financial benefits of dental membership plans, by easily adding members and reducing patient churn.

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We make it easy for your team.

  1. Configure your membership plans
  2. Import your patients
  3. Set your goals

What dental offices say about us:

This has motivated everyone in our office to help grow our membership program.

We had been managing our own in-house plan for about a year, already, to reduce our dependence on insurance. Overall, it was going well. We were tracking our membership renewals in a spreadsheet, though, and it was hard to track our revenue growth and market our plans effectively online.

Within 20 days of creating our Planrise account, 25 members signed up from our website—all of them set up for automatic payment, upon renewal. We were impressed with how easy it was, and this has motivated everyone in our office to help grow our membership program. I cannot recommend it highly enough.